Steel Cold Heading Wires

Our range of Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wires ensures high formability and cold extrusion properties in diameter range 1.60 mm to 16.00**mm. These wires are free from surface imperfections like seams, cracks, pitting and or scratch / die marks. Wires are available in various Grade e.g. 204Cu, 304/304L, 302 CHQ, 304HC, etc. in various finishes viz. soap drawn, skin pass or in Annealed conditions.


Grades 201, 204Cu, 304/304L, 302 CHQ, 304HC
Diameter Range 1.60 mm to 16.00**mm.
Finishes Soap Drawn, Skin Pass, Soft Bright Annealed & Solution Annealed
Applications Fasteners, Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, Studs, Balls, Pins, Building & Construction Segment, Automotive Industry & House Hold Appliances.