Paramhans Wire Pvt. Ltd.

Paramhans Wire Pvt Ltd. which is an emerging name in the world of Aluminium Alloy Wires. We are nurturing it with expertise and experience by putting a team of professionals with an experience of over 18-30 years in wire drawing (Like Stainless Steel Wire, Copper Clad Aluminium Alloy Wire, Galvanized Wire, High Carbon Wire, Zinc Wire) who are having a vast knowledge of this field.

We are also manufacturing aluminium alloy wire that is used for a wide range of industrial applications. Our core team of experts perfectly evaluates every risk factor involved and hence seamlessly manages the production system & overall operations to ensure production of highly precise end product. Our team plays a major role in offering quality products & services to our customers. We manufacture aluminium alloy wire according to all international standards (BS, DIN, IEC, NFC, CSA etc.) upon request.

Al Alloy Wire Advantages

Aluminium metal has great chemical properties which makes it a highly versatile material when alloyed with various metals. Besides being lightweight and corrosion resistance, it’s excellent workability make it a natural choice for industrial usage. AL-ALLOY wires are used in many electrical products by the leaders of the industry as raw material.

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We have installed the production unit of aluminum alloy wire capacity 120 tons per month.

Aluminium alloy wires are widely used in

  • Electrical & telecommunication cable.
  • Flexible cables.
  • Coaxial cables
  • Wires used electrical appliances.
  • Aluminum pads (example : metal sponges for cleaning bristles)
  • Anodic Treatment (example : for fixing profiles)
  • Water- bottle carrier/ parcel grids for bicycle.
  • Ornamental chains for costume jewellery.
  • Mosquito nets.
  • Metal network : nets , mesh , filters and other products.
  • Cold presswork sector including : rivets , solid , no-through , semi bored , semi rounded , flat headed (example) for jeans , for blocking saucepan handles , for automobile industry and household appliances rivets – screw and nails (for nailing frames , verandas , roof coverings)
  • Zips – trouser zips
  • Darning needles
  • Foodstuff clips , metal staples (example for sausage type foods , tea bags)
  • Lightning conductors
  • Clips , staples for staplers , paper clips
  • Clothes pegs , Aluminum clothes hangers , usually used by dry cleaners
  • Refrigerator grilles
  • Drying racks
  • Metal coating
  • Pipe hose for sanitary fittings
  • Pipe hose for low pressure drinking water , for low pressure oil , air and petrol , anti-vibration tubes
  • Steel deoxidizer in the continue casting process
  • TV Aerials
  • Wire cloth
  • Hoses
  • Coaxial drop wire for braided shield.
  • Telecommunication cable.
  • Insect screening.
  • Aluminum wire knitted flexible hoses.